Finally: My final project is responsive

I’ve gone back and forth on this. Last week, I talked about how I was going to completely rebuild my final project that I finished a few weeks ago at Flatiron — Code Wanderer .

Turns out, I could retroactively make it mobile responsive. Whacking through thousands of lines of homemade CSS wasn’t easy. But, it was all worth it. A week of work down and it finally looks good on the phone.

Only thing is, on a computer screen it has lost some luster. More importantly, I’m learning more and more about what the site really is.

I won’t reveal just yet, but this is leading me to newer and better ideas just through hard work making way to flow.

When I get into the moment and let my hair down so to speak, I enter the flow state and am basically unstoppable. I’ll make mistakes and stumble sure, but my confidence is skyrocketing after a tough first week of the job search.

I’ve gotten back to coding. I make time for the job search, but getting back to solving programming problems is where I feel most at home these days.

Instead of chasing the next great project, I’m going to continue to work on the ones I have started. I think this is another lesson. I tend to do this artistically: begin a new project over and over and leave few of them finished.

As a programmer, I intend to shed this trait. My sites are really coming together. After a slight revamp of my portfolio, I’m feeling more confident than ever of popping out to recruiters.

It’s the holidays, so most roads are cold. It’s a good thing, because it gives me time to keep developing and studying.

Currently I’m reading Full Stack React. I just got two new books: Space Atlas and a book about the Hubble telescope. They’re Nat Geo and huge and expensive and thx Amazon and relatives for the X-Mas present!

Currently playing Cyberpunk 2077. It’s crashed and crashed and there are bugs galore and I don’t care one bit (hehe). I love being in that world. I consider it job prep as I am determined to break into the gaming field.

Currently cooking NOTHING because I’m a terrible cook. I’ll leave that to Austin.

Speaking of leaves, I spend the majority of my day picking them up in the yard. We have so many leaves. My three-year old nephew Miles comes and hangs out and we listen to music and rake (scrape, as he calls it). It’s another happy place.

Listening to SZA — thinking about getting to go to shows again in 2021. I hope.

Happy new year!



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