Object Orientation

So much has changed in the few weeks since I began at Flatiron.

The whirlwind of the First Mile created a momentum in me that lasted well into the weeks that followed. Once we got further into object orientation, the process became clearer and clearer.

I finally started to understand what we were doing here. I’ve stockpiled resource after resource outside of the regular curriculum, and it’s done wonders for me. Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Edabit, Clean Code, How to Program … these have all given me extra tools in my arsenal.

About ten days ago I was coding a lab when it all clicked. I remember yelling and fist-pumping as I was able to finish a lab by myself for what seemed like the first time in weeks.

I think more preparation should go into getting ready for this course. I was told that no prior knowledge was needed, but that hasn’t really been the case for me. It’s true, I didn’t have prior coding experience, but I sure wish I had.

Regardless, these moments like I described earlier have made all (or most) of the frustrations seem worth it. Getting better at manipulating data and creating programs that do exactly what I tell them to do is magical. I can only hope to continue learning at the pace I am on now with the same trajectory. It’s been an invigorating experience thus far.


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